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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: ebXML deliveries


Unfortunately,  there are no "real" examples of BPD's or related 
transactions or related information models that are available which are 
"ebXML compliant".  Anyone that represents they have this is telling you 
a lie.

As you are probably aware, ebXML has begun its' second phase in both 
UN/CEFACT and OASIS groups.

As far as ebXML as Web Services or "web based",  the new UN CEFACT 
electronic business architecture group is preparing a white paper on 
ebXML as a set of web services.  I personally prepared the first draft 
of our white paper.

There is also several groups working on preparing the real life examples 
you seek.

In short ---  "Please stay tuned"

Duane Nickull
CTO, XML Global Technologies
Chair, UN/CEFACT ebTWG Electronic Business Architecture
Co-Chair/Chief editor, ebXML Technical Architecture PT

Miguel Cruz Pic„o wrote:

> Dear all,
> I've been looking around ebxml.org and reading all the superb specs but
> miss to find "real" examples of Business Documents or Transactions for the
> most common business processes. Can you point me out to some examples?
> Sorry for the retry.
> Miguel
> Miguel Cruz Pic„o
> mp@viatecla.pt
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