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Subject: Re: web services uber alles? [was] Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: ebXMLdeliveries

James Bryce Clark wrote:

> I think of a 'service level agreement' as an agreed set of boilerplate 
> economic deal terms beyond the semantic scope of a CPA.  When we bury 
> economic terms in the CPA (or MSG) layer, they are unexposed to the 
> semantic tools at the BP collaborative layer, so they can't be strung 
> together with conditionality to create robust series of transactions.


The Business Proces Schema is bound to two or more CPP's in the CPA 
creation process (or should be at least but that process is not 
defined).  Since one can reference the business information via the BPS, 
the economic terms could be inherently available to one who reads the 
CPA and can follow the links.

I may concede that SLA may be a stratch of the term when referring to CPA.

> In the larger scheme, I think of the CPA as a binding agreement 
> constrained to cover roughly three things:  the parties' manifestation 
> of identity, their modem handshake (so to speak) of communication loci 
> and protocols, and their mutual designation of one or more business 
> processes to be shared.  Those business processes are defined not in the 
> CPA, but in a BP schema to which the CPA points.  

Yes - I am well aware of the architecture of ebXML ;-)

> If we want people to model collaborations, there shouldn't be too much 
> invoking of one-off services from the CPA, no?   Or do you envision a 
> shared, binding taxonomy of available services, driven from elsewhere 
> than a business process specification?  (That's the 'architecture' you, 
> not the 'XML Global' you.)   Or am I envisioning 'services' poorly?

I would not predict invoking one-off services from a CPA.  I envision 
web services for standard procedures within the ebXML realm.  I gave 
several examples of these.

For instance, if you wanted to execute a BPS, you could pass the 
business process schema to the service along with a copy of the CPA 
under which it is to be executed.  This could be akin to hitting the 
"start" button to run such a process.

It sounds like we could have lots of input for this project.  I have heard some great comments which I would like to include as input for the project..

Thank you all


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