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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: OASIS Members to Develop Universal BusinessLanguage


In lieu of either Klaus Naujok (chair CEFACT/ebTWG) or Jon Bosak (designated
chair OASIS/UBL TC) replying,  I'll provide my own quick 2 cents worth in
addition to Duane's.

The UBL organizing committee originally wanted to work within CEFACT's EDIFACT
Working Group.  However, primarily due to the proposed reorganization of
various CEFACT groups into the proposed eBWG, EWG did not pursue the
opportunity.  I was unable to attend the Montreal meeting of the UBL organizing
committee and don't know all of the discussions that went on there.  I can tell
you that after that meeting, per the original charter of the UBL organizing
committee, since there was no possibility of working with EWG the decision was
made to pursue the work as a TC under OASIS.  There was an invitation to pursue
the UBL work under the interim CEFACT/ebTWG, but this invitation to date has
not been accepted.  For several reasons, I think it unlikely that it will be
accepted.  A primary obstacle is that CEFACT has stated that it can't accept
UBL's mandate to use xCBL as a starting point.  Neither group is likely to
compromise on this point.   ebTWG has also started up an project to produce
interim schemas/DTDs on a short term basis, which forms a competing effort.
There are other more political, philosophical, and personal issues involved,
but discussing those are probably not appropriate for this forum.

There is a chance that the UBL work may yet be pursued under the new
CEFACT/eBWG, particularly if it ends up being organized along the lines of some
key proposals that EWG made at it's recent meeting in Rotterdam.  This all
remains to be seen, though.  As Duane pointed out, the UBL TC intends to align
as much as applicable with the ebXML framework, particularly Core Components as
CEFACT develops them.

Is this kind of what you looking for, or do you want more dirt?

"McMahon. Brendan ITS" wrote:

> Hi,
> This mailing list has recently contained a number of posts that contain
> references to various "political" problems currently besetting the ebXML
> initiative.
> Can any of the ebXML "insiders" who contribute to this list please explain
> to "outsiders" like me what exactly is going on, both in general, and
> specifically why Oasis now feels compelled to start a UBL TC, apparently in
> competition with responsibilities of the UN/CEFACT group?
> Thanks,
> Brendan McMahon
> ESB, Ireland
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Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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