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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Re: change the slogan of eb???

In earnest, coping with the financial matter is also essential for poorer countries, not only for single companies. I have to scramble project funds for every travel and devicing and managing projects is very time consuming, too. So I'm very much in favour of distance communication whenever possible. Are the most members of such projects living in the USA, or you have gathered experience with global networking?
- Kremena

Yes, but yes.  Distance collaboration is still a new phenomenon for many, although the tools are certainly better now than 10 years ago.  Culturally, the US, the e-commerce industry, and its California subset are learning how to inter-operate more effectively across global distances.  In all three cases we are making slow but steady, and I hope permanent, progress. 

The ebXML 1.0 leadership did well to site meetings around the globe, and encouraged work to be processed largely by open telephone conference calls and e-mail listservers.   I hope "we" will be able to maintain equivalent access in our various future efforts.  Users want to rely on the transparency and fairness of a standards development process, as an assurance that the work has been robustly considered and reviewed.   Genuine exposure to wide review in an impartial forum is a reputational imperative for good standards design.

It certainly can be a nuisance to participate remotely, but it can be worth it, as in open standards work, the best ideas often win.  The keystone of a model or standard is just as likely to come from Sofia as Los Angeles.   Best regards.

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