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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] code lists in Core components

You can select International an international coding a number of ways...
- International Telephone Prefix (353=Ireland, 44=UK, 1=USA) http://kropla.com/dialcode.htm
  These are unlikely to be changed, only added to...  Not sure who maintains the standard.
- ISO 639 and ISO 3166 (language and country codes)
   These may not give you the granularity you need with respect to an invoicing application.
   Because it's managed by ISO, this one is going to be "forever" standard.
You'll find that most modern OS's maintain Country Numbers, Locale Info (Currency, Numeric format etc) as part of their core.  The Java VM is similar.  However, if you did want to use something more "open", then you should take a look at the ICU libraries for internationalisation from IBM or Rosette from Basis Technology.  These libraries have everything you need.
Hope this helps
S  t  e  p  h  e  n     H  o  l  m  e  s
Localisation Development Manager
Net Directory Services
International Product Development
Tel:    +353 (1) 241 5732
Fax:   +353 (1) 241 5749

>>> Imre Eva <imreeva@axelero.hu> 06/11/2001 11:27:38 >>>
Hello List,
we are developing a scheme of telecom invoice and want to follow ebXML
My question is about core components and common international codes.
These codes are mentioned in core components too like country,
currency,...codes (ISO or UN/ECE Rec.-s) and I'd like to know whether I
can find schemes for them or is it plan to define (by maintainamnce
organisation or somebody else) or shall we define them ourselves.
TIA & br,
Eva Imre

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