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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] code lists in Core components

Hello Steve,
perhaps I was not enough clear or I'm on a wrong way.
I know that these codes are maintained by ISO and this is a forever code
list but don't I need these codes defined for our scheme as for example
a special element with enumeration type with all the possible codes?

I visited ICU and I'm not sure that it is what I'm looing for.
Another important list for us is of measure units maintained by UN/ECE
(in Recommendation 20).


Stephen Holmes wrote:

>   You can select International an international coding a number of
> ways... - International Telephone Prefix (353=Ireland, 44=UK, 1=USA)
> http://kropla.com/dialcode.htm  These are unlikely to be changed, only
> added to...  Not sure who maintains the standard.- ISO 639 and ISO
> 3166 (language and country codes)   These may not give you the
> granularity you need with respect to an invoicing application.
> Because it's managed by ISO, this one is going to be "forever"
> standard. You'll find that most modern OS's maintain Country Numbers,
> Locale Info (Currency, Numeric format etc) as part of their core.  The
> Java VM is similar.  However, if you did want to use something more
> "open", then you should take a look at the ICU libraries for
> internationalisation from IBM or Rosette from Basis Technology.  These
> libraries have everything you need. Hope this helpsSteve.     S  t  e
> p  h  e  n     H  o  l  m  e  s
> Localisation Development Manager
> Net Directory Services
> International Product Development Tel:    +353 (1) 241 5732
> Fax:   +353 (1) 241 5749
> >>> Imre Eva <imreeva@axelero.hu> 06/11/2001 11:27:38 >>>
> Hello List,
> we are developing a scheme of telecom invoice and want to follow ebXML
> directions.
> My question is about core components and common international codes.
> These codes are mentioned in core components too like country,
> currency,...codes (ISO or UN/ECE Rec.-s) and I'd like to know whether
> I
> can find schemes for them or is it plan to define (by maintainamnce
> organisation or somebody else) or shall we define them ourselves.
> TIA & br,
> Eva Imre
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