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Subject: AW: [ebxml-dev] Discovery

> And how would this person be FOUND? Crawlers today won't cut it.
> Wrong answer.

Search Engines and Directories like Yahoo do invest a lot of handish
work to present organized Directories. Business has to register itself
in Categories, you can drill down and search inside them. I dont think a
Registry which has no editorial help will be any better (but much

Finding a peruan Wool producer with google and yahoo! will actually
always be easier than finding such a single person business in an ebXML
Directory. Don't you think? I mean that peru woman may even not be able
to understand what ebXML is all about, all she can do is to have a web
page. As long as she has the words "wool" "sell" "peru" on it, she is in

Wrong asumption on your site on the way registries work. Talk to those
guys like Yahoo what they think about allowing ppl to choose keywords
freely and what "increase ranking" means.


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