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Subject: AW: [ebxml-dev] ebXML CPA/CPP Estimate

Hi Mike, 

have to support your excelent analysis and view:

> A few caveats to this analogy:  Exchanging information securely over
> public Internet using the ebXML MHS requires more configuration
> to be specified than is the case with a typical EDI system.

This is especially true, if digital signatures and certificates are
involved. Those have to be exchnaged anyway. Therefore retrieving a CPP
may help, and having a CPA helps even more. On the other hand,
exchanging the CPA also requires a already working infrastructure, which
means, most of the parameters the CPA can deliver are already set up.

Instead of configuring a system with lots of parameters from a CPP I
vote for specifying reasonable defauts for all those parameters. This is
much more cost saving on the SMB case.

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