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Subject: AW: [ebxml-dev] Discovery

Hello Farrukh,

> We are missing an important point  in this discussion. I assert that
that the
> OASIS ebXML CPA/CPP and Registry specs and functionality would be not
an iota 
> different than what they are right now whether this automated
discovery of
> partners was the dominant use case tomorrow or a pipe dream.

This might be true. On the other hand one cannot say that CPP/CPA and
RegRep have learned their homework from the Requirements Document or
from Simple EDI. It is way to complicate to impleent the whole
specification, and I dont think that Off-the-Shelf Applications
supportiing this whole BPS scenario are affordable by small business.

And of course emphasis on the dicovery theme is one of the reasons the
spec is so bloated and missed the initial idea slightly. If you look on
how most of the Communication on the Proof of Concept Sessions where set
up, most of the intercation was done by exchanging a URL, perhaps a
password and a few settings (async/sync/dsig) and thats it. Done by
Voice or mail. Using CPP was done for proof reasons only, whith hand
written documentds which took a lot of time (of course this is a problem
if missing tools, but after all it forces the small business to use yet
another tool. If you visit a shop's site, all you need to know is it's


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