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Subject: AW: [ebxml-dev] Off-the-shelf ebXML software packages

> If there is anything that Microsoft did right was to make some
> affordable to the small guy (SME).  If mass proliferation is to occur,
> the ebXML price point should be no more than MS Office for the SME.

You know that the BizTalk Server with $9000 is not exactly a competetive
Price compared to some Desktop EDI Systems.

Speaking as a Software Vendor I can of course sell a Messaging Service
for ebXML (without a CPA tool) for as low as $1000. But how is the Data
then transformes (I mean, do small offices realy be able to handle
XSLT?) and how is the data integrated in the backend systems?

Well, one thing which is obvious: ebXML is highly complicated and major
parts are still a moving target. Therefore Software will not come in the
<$10.000 price range. If this is open source software, the license cost
will be 0, but you need 20 days to get it working, which is $10.000,


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