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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Off-the-shelf ebXML software packages

> I have used a standard schema for invoices and orders which will cover
> of businesses.  The application is about as simple as Outlook Express
> use.  It automatically encrypts and signs email and business
documents.  The
> application is free.

This means the way you send orders is fixed in your application? Well,
this is fine as long as your business partners actually support that
format. I see no particular problem with this. Of course you need to
support incoming orders, also and sending invoices or order response.

The question is, why the isnt done by WebEDI of course is still

> 1. Easy to use by SME's - ie people who don't do IT for a living -
> who use dial up connections, and who are comfortable with outlook
> They *don't* want to learn how to write schemas.

How do you get the Orders into your system? Where do you get the SKU
numbers from?

I mean, it is nice to have a Desktop Ordering Solution for Stand Alone
use, but that isnt especially an A2A Solution, this is a B2C Solution
which every web shop out there already can do.


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