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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Off-the-shelf ebXML software packages

From: "Eckenfels. Bernd" <B.Eckenfels@seeburger.de>
> This means the way you send orders is fixed in your application? Well,
> this is fine as long as your business partners actually support that
> format. I see no particular problem with this. Of course you need to
> support incoming orders, also and sending invoices or order response.

Yes, sending and receiving orders and invoices.  The design is such that a
"basic standard" is supplied in the firm of a XML schema.  If you wish you
can derrive a child schema, and publish it yourself.

> The question is, why the isnt done by WebEDI of course is still
> unanswered.

Would love to hear where I can read about this.

> How do you get the Orders into your system? Where do you get the SKU
> numbers from?

The system includes Libraries which can be incorporated into accounting
software.  You enter an order in the way you normally would into the
accounting system, then hit "Send" Instead of Print.  Bottom line is that I
provide the communication libraries, and a standard baseline interpretation.
Also of importance is a catalog system, in which product codes are stored,
and pricing rules determined.

> I mean, it is nice to have a Desktop Ordering Solution for Stand Alone
> use, but that isnt especially an A2A Solution, this is a B2C Solution
> which every web shop out there already can do.

The point is that people don't seem to understand that (in New Zealand
anyway) 95% of businesses have access to a Computer and a Internet
connection, and therefore have access to email.  It is also true that only
5% of businesses are using that technology to transfer business documents.

The approach to date seems to be to convice people to create web sites
intergrated into back end systems.  This just doesn't suit many businesses.
You don't want your statement on a web site - you want it as a file that you
can suck into your accounting system - same with invoices, orders etc.

This means that we are missing out on 90% of businesses because we don't
have something to offer.  Think about the HUGE market for a product which
can communicate basic documents without fuss.

Its really a vision thing - I imagine a system which is almost as simple as
SMTP, and certainly as standard.


Peter Harrison

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