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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Discovery

>From: "Nieman, Scott" <scott.nieman@synchrocon.com>
>Subject: [ebxml-dev] Discovery

>1) every web site could have an ebXML registry - ideally part of the
>everyday plumbing (I am happy that apache is taking this on),

I do not think that Apache is doing any work in this area. A proposal for an 
open source ebXML reg/rep was offered to them, but they chose not to accept it 
at this time.

The project is now getting started at SourceForge (ebxmlrr), but is not quite 
yet ready for prime time. While much of the source code is there, some things 
have to get worked out before there will be a downloadable build available.

Stay tuned.



Peter Kacandes

Sr. Product Manager, Java XML APIs	phone number: 	408 276 7139, X17139
Java Software Products 			email:	peter.kacandes@sun.com

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