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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Off-the-shelf ebXML software packages

Peter Harrison wrote <snipped>:

> The point is that people don't seem to understand that (in New Zealand
> anyway) 95% of businesses have access to a Computer and a Internet
> connection, and therefore have access to email.  It is also true that only
> 5% of businesses are using that technology to transfer business documents.
> The approach to date seems to be to convice people to create web sites
> intergrated into back end systems.  This just doesn't suit many businesses.
> You don't want your statement on a web site - you want it as a file that you
> can suck into your accounting system - same with invoices, orders etc.
> This means that we are missing out on 90% of businesses because we don't
> have something to offer.  Think about the HUGE market for a product which
> can communicate basic documents without fuss.
> Its really a vision thing - I imagine a system which is almost as simple as
> SMTP, and certainly as standard.

At the initial ebXML meeting in November 1999, the British Association of
Software Dealers (BASDA) demonstrated just such a system.  A very nice idea, and
it's too bad that ebXML didn't pick it up and run with it for at least a short
term solution.

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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