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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebXML has failed !

Not trying to start a flame war, but having recently read Michael Rawlins 
set of articles which paint a somewhat pessimistic assessment of what has 
come out of the 18 months to establish the ebXML specifications, I am 
naturally somewhat concerned.

Does anyone feel able to offer some more encouraging words ?

My company is at the very stages of a web services strategy and of course we 
want to back those standards which are going to have a sustainable market 
presence. Clearly this is not a precise science but, again recently I read 
that Microsoft have actively disagreed with the concept (need for) ebXML. 
Whereas Micorosofts' endorcement is certainly not a requirement, like many 
others, my organisation is a pretty large user of MS technolgies and their 
opinions and ultimately their support in our IT initatives can be 
significant factors of choice (certainly in the hearts and minds of senior 
management). Again I'm looking for the views of other ebXML developers /user 
organisations, so that I have a balanced view of the pros/cons arguments and 
can deal with any 'knee jerk' reactions that might arise from various 

In terms of vendor support, has IBM commented on ebXML ?

Maybe I read too much :-)



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