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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] WS-I

Title: RE: [ebxml-dev] WS-I

 -----Original Message-----
From:   Martin W Sachs [mailto:mwsachs@us.ibm.com]
Sent:   11 February, 2002 16:47
To:     mike@rawlinsecconsulting.com
Cc:     ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject:        Re: [ebxml-dev] WS-I

This consortium is specifically about interoperability of different
implementations of the existing Web Services specifications.


This is the way that I read it as well, according to the information at the link provided by Teho Lee:


It does not appear that they are advocating any particular use in specific domain. In contrast, ebXML is far more detailed and specific. While it would be possible to accomplish a lot of what ebXML does with standard web services (i.e. UDDI, WSDL, and SOAP with extensions) ebXML has certain value added components that are not addressed by any other work to date including CPP/CPA (Which allow services to be built around legally binding agreements) and BPSS (Which adds a layer of semantics beneath anything that the core web services specs provide). In order for WS-I to be a threat, or even an addition to, the existing ebXML standard it would have to accomplish a lot more than its stated mission.


(P.S. I found the following link helpful in arriving at this opinion http://www.ws-i.org/FAQ.aspx


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