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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] example for order messages


I see a couple of questions here - one having to do with actual business
document messages, and the other having to do with their transport.  Someone
already answered the transport question.  Regarding the former, such as orders
and invoices, there are no implementation guides because there are no ebXML
document standards as yet.  No order or invoice schemas exist yet.  UN/CEFACT
may develop these eventually.  Until then, the OASIS UBL TC is working on some.
If you want to use something now, you may wish to investigate OAGIS, RosettaNet,
Commerce One's xCBL, or some other approach.

Hope this helps.


"Musaogullari, Kezban (GXS, GE Tradanet)" wrote:

> Hi all,
> I would like know that, trading partners such as A and B,  how can do
> exchanging ebXML messages between them.
> For example, firm  A would like to send  "Order" ebXML messages to firm B.
> What is the process of the A firm? Is there any implementation guide to
> create ebXML messages? Because I know that, for all  EDI messages there are
> message implementation guides for example, Orders, Invoic, etc. and I wonder
> if there is implementation guides also for ebXML messages.
> I would be happy if anyone could explain me ebXML messaging. Is there any
> standard guides or schemas for construction and transformation ebXML
> messages?
> Many thanks and best regards,
> Kezban
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Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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