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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Re: [oz-ebxml] Re: [ISO8601] ISO 8601 references in W3Cspecifications

The Core Components Technical Specification contains a new element
within its intrinsic type, "Identifier.Type"

The CCTS version 1.8 draft was released Feb 14th.

They included the URI element in the Identifier.Type which I think
is quite significant for SMEs because it ends the restriction to a
UN/CEFACT Agency namespace.

Now, anybody can choose their provider of Product or Party
directories based on merit, based on cost-benefit instead of being
centralized into DUNS or other expensive services.

Now, even politically incorrect reference lists and directories can
be supported.  Napster, digital cash systems, anonymous Nyms,
reputation communities, crypto anarchy.  All the sorts of things
you would never find in a UN/CEFACT registry!

This is also a key to global reach of markets into totalitarian regimes
as well as ending unjust economic monopoly in the developed countries.

Information is just information.  Let's first, fix the system and
then later, if society wants to clamp down on certain types of
buying and selling, that is their prerogative.

Please consider adopting core components that use the
automatic lookup enabled by Identifier Type, with any internal
or external data resource that can be addressed with RFC 2396.
http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt   ( I have parsed this stupid IETF
text format into a word doc which prints in half as many pages if
anybody wants it)

Todd Boyle CPA
AR/AP everywhere

At 06:54 AM 2/27/02, Stephen GOULD wrote:
>I agree with Aron hence the need to provide a simple structured templates for
>SME software developers that they can incorporate in their software 
>This applies to not only dates but also:
>1       Organisation communication channels
>2       Organisation physical location
>3       Individual communication channels
>4       Individual physical location
>1       Information relating to the name and communication channels of 
>         organisation
>         eg      Tel
>                 Fax
>                 Web
>                 E-mail
>         ref http://www.oic.org/3d1.htm

>2       Information relating to a person and their communications channels 
>         that    organisation
>         eg      Tel
>                 Fax
>                 Mobile
>                 E-mail
>                 Pager
>         http://www.oic.org/3d1g3c.htm
>3       Address details for physical delivery or personal visits
>These are the type of utilities that should be provided by the ebXML
>Repositories for SME software developers.
>They should also be used by the IT departments so that the SMEs can
>send and receive the appropriate e-business information
>Stephen GOULD

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