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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] XSLT to convert data

Title: XSLT to convert data



What you need to do is transform the content from one format to the other using a template, and reference the new schema definition in the destination document. Then you can validate the new instance against the schema definition just as you would with any other schema derived document. In the end you would validate the data twice, once against the original schema (To verify that it is a valid instance) and once against the destination schema (To verify that it transformed into a valid instance.)


This is a straightforward application of XSLT. If you don't already have a good XSLT resource (Outside of the specs, which are essential) I recommend the O'Reilly book, "XSLT: Mastering XML Transformations" by Doug Tidwell published August, 2001. If you haven't worked with XSLT already it is worthwhile to note that XSLT is not as simple as XML in general; it is more akin to a development language than to markup. XSLT is an ideal tool for manipulating XML, but it requires you to deal with a lot of the concepts familiar to programming languages such as variables, control flow, conditionals, etc. The expression syntax used in XSLT is known as XPath.



Adam Sroka


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Subject: [ebxml-dev] XSLT to convert data



Hi there,

is anyone able to tell me, if it is possible to use XSLT to convert data from one XML schema, to another one, e.g. ebXML to cXML?

A reply is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

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