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Subject: [ebxml-dev] multihop question

Hi all, i have a question regarding Multhop in ebXML MS V2.0.

let us take a scenario like this

There are three parties A, B and C,

company A will send a message to company B and company B will forward
that message to company C, and C will send the response to B and B will
send it to A.

 A -----ebXML Message(Request) --------> B -------ebXML Message(Request)----------> C

 A <-----ebXML Message(Response)------  B <-------ebXML Message(Response)---------- C

is the above scenario correct?, if it is, my questions are

1> how will the company A know that company C is offering that
 service?, and How company A will know, to avail the service
 it has to specifically choose B and send the message to B.

2> will there be a CPA between company A and C?.

3> if there is a CPA between A and C, what is the need of sending the
 message through intermediatary party (company B)?.

4> How can the From Party (company A) MSH know the complete Messaging
 Path and the details of all the MSH Node along the message path
 upto the TO Party MSH (company C).

5> how would he (company A) ensure the number of intermediary MSH's
 (like company B) he has to hop to reach the TO Party MSH (company C). 

Thanks in Advance

David Lloyd

Smart Solutions

New York,

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