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Subject: Re: AW: [ebxml-dev] RE: [EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components ...

Mike Rawlins wrote:

>Perhaps my fault for not being more specific. This has nothing to do with 
>receiving an electronic PO, or e-business.  It is more basic than 
>that.  QB 2002 doesn't even know what a purchase order received from a 
>customer is.  You have to create it as an invoice.  It has no concept, 
>user functionality, or apparent internal data structures for creating an 
>order from a customer and maintaining it through a fulfillment cycle.  I 
>seriously doubt that a third party add-on could provide this 
>functionality.  Even if they did, I would be leery about buying something 
>this basic and integral to the application from a third party. If I needed 
>functionality like this I would instead purchase a more capable package 
>like PeachTree or Sage's MAS90.

You might also mention that Quickbooks can't do FIFO costing.  It only does 
average cost.  And the database is *quite* fragile. It has a long history 
of inventory disasters.  But here are some workarounds for Sales Order.

Dang those SMEs anyway.  We just KNOW they're buying the wrong 
products.  Why don't they just buy midrange software?

Watch the Quickbooks users download free EBXML adapters.  Watch them 
receive POs from the internet, think about them, and then and stuff them 
into their Quickbooks as an invoice.


p.s. I do not regard the Quickbooks integration topic as a "rathole"!

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