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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Adoption by SMEs

At 03:17 PM 4/25/02, Michael C. Rawlins wrote:

 > If anyone is still reading this thread you're about as sick as I am!
 > (I'm sicker because I'm responding...)

OK then here is a new thread :-)

1. What is your vision for the adoption of ebXML by individuals and
    small businesses?

A. when a Big Co. needs it so bad they compel Small Co. to install it,
    with expenditure large enough to gain compliance by lots of SmallCos.,

B. when an 800 pound gorilla like Microsoft or their application
    software vendor needs it so bad they push it into Small Co. computer,

C. when SMEs hear thru their community, from many different directions
    that it is safe, low or zero cost, and has good advantages?

2. WHY will SMEs start adopting ebXML for the first time?

A. because it reduces data entry costs, improves accuracy, etc.,

B. because it gets lower cost suppliers or more customers, or

C. because more and more transaction data such as telephone,
    internet, banking, wireless, etc. starts being available in ebXML, or

D. because there are some things they cannot buy or cannot
    sell any other way beside peer-to-peer ebXML messaging and content?
    (privacy and security improvements, greymarket, avoidance, etc.)

3. What is your expectation of their initial commitment to ebXML?

A. Portal client, for example a Win32 object with a fixed
    BP configuration, hard wired to a particular vendor or hub,

B. Partial implementation, with limited configurability such as
    a few CPPs, BPs, and fixed vocabulary such as UBL PO?

C. full implementation ebXML RM, CPPA, RR, CC, BP and supporting
    layers of XML, DBMS, SOAP, bastion security, PKI, etc., or

D. ASP hosted implementation?

4.  What is your vision for ebXML adoption?

A. rip and replace QuickPeach with a new general accounting
     package with ebXML (full or partial), or,

B. incremental adoption/nondisruptive install a BCM that runs alongside
    their general accounting system, synchronizing changes in AR, AP,
    available/committed cash, inventory and other resources between the two
    systems, perhaps just sufficient for a particular goal such as
    increasing sales by receiving POs?

5.  Can ebXML adoption be slow?  How slow can it happen without
    being left entirely behind by other solutions?

A.  It can happen 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000 in year 1,2,3,4 that's
a lot faster than OAGIS or any other standard in history...

B.  It must happen 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000 in the first 1,2,3,4th
quarter, that's still a lot slower than than a Microsoft or Intuit product
rollout, and **way** slower than hotmail, napster, paypal or other
truly useful viral things.

 > At any rate, I think this discussion has gone on long enough and this
 > time I *will* say no more on the topic.  We all have better things to do
 > than to debate a specific vendor's small business accouting package on a
 > listserv intended for ebXML related discussions...

The topic of internal integration and adoption strategy is just as
important than any other topic on this list,

I know you have expectations regarding ebXML adoption.

How do you think it is going to happen?

I'm gonna whup ya, when you start debating the issues  heh heh! :-)
The answers are 1C, 2CD, 3AB, 4B, 5B.

I will argue that incremental adoption is how it's got to
happen, and has to coexist with the SME applications
having the largest market share.

I will argue that adoption has to happen simultaneously,
as a very broad-based, grass-roots technology *between*
small businesses rather than hub-and-spoke in big
supply chains.

Then these conclusions will imply changes in ebXML architecture.
The changes are necessary to light a conflagration of lots of
developers building cheap simple BCMs.

Having fun with this,
AR/AP everywhere

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