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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Adoption by SMEs

At 11:45 PM 4/25/02, Daniel Feygin wrote:
>A lot has been said recently on this list about direct peer-to-peer ebXML
>via an appliance or a shrink-wrap software package.  However I do not
>believe that such an implementation of ebXML capabilities is necessarily the
>best approach for SME's or at least for all SME's who could derive value
>from ebXML.  In my view they would benefit from an always-on intermediary
>that accepts (and maybe sends) messages on their behalf.  Moreover, such
>intermediary could be more than a simple store-and-forward service

All of those points notwithstanding, no dependency on any such
intermediary would be allowed in ebXML architecture.

But, not to worry.

ebXML supports every model of hosted or intermediary services,
that is to say, the ebXML community seems quite determined not to
block or prevent any useful or necessary intermediary role or service.


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