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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Fwd: Porter number one

I enjoyed Todd's post to the CEFACT ebxml group doing catalog work
[ebtwg-cpb@lists.ebtwg.org], so I am forwarding an excerpt here.  
Thanks, Todd   JBC

Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 20:12:29 -0700
From: Todd Boyle <tboyle@rosehill.net>
Subject: Porter number one

Michael E. Porter was chose as the #1 ranked genius on Accenture's list last week,

The Porter value chain rocks,

In the May 2001 spec, "BPproc.doc" para. 7.2 said

"1.1    Catalog Categorization Scheme
The catalog's categorization scheme is based upon an enterprise value chain, the concept pioneered by Michael Porter, following review of several other reference models.  A value chain is a purposeful network of business processes designed to cumulatively transform a set of process inputs into an output of greater value to the enterprise's set of customers.  Porter's Value Chain stages are illustrated in Figure 7.2 below as resource flows which progress from left to right in transforming inputs as labor, capital, and goods into components of a business's final product *** "

The Porter Value Chain has been a foundation of BP catalog classification since at least 2000.   Nita says that Porter Value chain remains the basis for our BP Cat classification, and in Barcelona, the reference model based on Porter Value Chain was accepted by TMWG as the recommended reference model for the Business Domain View within UMM.  In other words this will be the UN/CEFACT recommended reference model for business process classification scheme.  So this is a great affirmation of the work that has been done by ebXML BP Catalog team, grounded in business ontology.

Economics might be the "dismal science" but by gosh, ebXML is state of the art :-)

Todd Boyle CPA  9745-128th Ave NE  Kirkland WA
International Accounting Services, LLC  www.gldialtone.com
425-827-3107  AR/AP everywhere  www.arapxml.net
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

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