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Subject: [ebxml-dev] [Forward] OASIS Member News: XML Global to DeliverebXML/BizTalkIntegration Connector for the Canadian Federal Government on theSunMicrosystems Platform]

FYI - News:

This may be highly relevant to anyone integrating ebXML within a Biztalk

If not,  please ignore.

Duane Nickull

XML Global to Deliver ebXML/BizTalk Integration Connector for
the Canadian Federal Government on the Sun Microsystems Platform

        XML Global Solution on Sun Bridges the Gap between
 Microsoft BizTalk Applications and enterprise ebXML Environments

Vancouver, B.C., May 24th, 2002 - XML Global Technologies, Inc.
(OTC BB: XMLG), a developer of XML Transformation Software and
XML Middleware today announced they have delivered an ebXML/BizTalk
Integration Connector for the Canadian Federal Government.

"XML Global is an established member of Sun's Developer Network
program and partner organization as well as being an acknowledged
leader in ebXML," said Fred Federlein, Market Segment Manager,
Sun Microsystems. "We have a very cooperative working relationship
with XML Global and have worked closely with them on developing
the ebXML/Biztalk Registry Connector. Both companies share a common
commitment to the vision of system and standards interoperability,"
emphasized Federlein, "and together believe this solution will
have an important impact on the ability of organizations worldwide
to engage in e-Business regardless of technology or standards
based obstacles."

XML Global has implemented ebXML messaging services and
developed an ebXML Registry with a version that operates on
the Sun Solaris(TM)9.0 Operating Environment. With the Registry,
XML Global developed a Microsoft Component Object Model, or COM
object that seamlessly integrates between COM enabled Windows
applications such as Biztalk and enterprise ebXML Registry servers
that centralize, catalog and electronically share business information.

The BizTalk/ebXML integration connector will allow applications to
treat ebXML Registries as an integral part of the application,
regardless of whether the Registry server resides on a local or
networked computer. The Canadian Government pilot will demonstrate
how the integration will enable Biztalk to search and retrieve
documents from enterprise ebXML Registry servers running in a
Solaris environment as though they existed within the Biztalk

"The delivery of the Microsoft Biztalk/ebXML Registry converter is
significant for both XML Global and Sun as well as for the B2B
community as a whole," explained Peter Shandro, CEO of XML Global,
"as we have created a low cost and easy to use solution that will
allow the Microsoft Biztalk and ebXML B2B communities to communicate
effectively and seamlessly. Platform and standards interoperability
has long been the vision for global e-Business," continued Shandro,
"and together XML Global on Sun presents a solution that furthers
this vision."

About XML Global Technologies, Inc.
XML Global Technologies, Inc. is an XML middleware company focused
on providing a methodical approach to the adoption of XML-based
solutions.  The Company's GoXML(tm) Transform product line provides
an intuitive, modular solution for integration of structured data.
Its powerful transformation engine links XML to traditional data
formats, like relational and EDI. It also transforms data between
various XML dialects.  Transformation solutions developed with the
XML Integration Workbench can be deployed to GoXML Transform Enterprise
Edition for centralized management and connectivity to integration
platforms, message queues, and workflow engines. Interfaces for Web
Services and ebXML allow it to plug into popular e-business

The Company is an active member of the ebXML, UDDI, OAG, W3C and OASIS
standards initiatives. Founded in May 1999, XML Global has its US
headquarters in New York, NY, and a research and development office
in Vancouver, BC. To find out more about XML Global Technologies
(OTCBB: XMLG), visit our website at www.xmlglobal.com

PR Contact Information
Contact	Anthony Dutton - XML Global Technologies, Inc.
		Director of Corporate Communications
Phone		1-604-717-1100 ext.112
		1-800-201-1848 ext.112
Email		anthony.dutton@xmlglobal.com
Web		www.xmlglobal.com

Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, and Solaris are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States
and other countries.

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