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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Problem of "B2B Content" article

Amazingly the word vocabulary, semantics, registry etc. do
not even appear in this article

    [...]  Although the issue of B2B content may appear simple, it is
    extraordinarily complex. Content in a B2B value chain is dynamic and
    extends along an almost infinite number of sources and integration
    points. The variety of B2B content illustrates the difficulties
    associated with even the most basic B2B value chain, and includes:
    product merchandising (e.g., pricing, product specifications, images),
    support (e.g., standard operating procedures, material and safety
    handling, forms, manuals), purchasing (e.g., RFI/RFQ, contracts,
    proposals), catalogs (e.g., components, suppliers, definitions, bill of
    materials), the ad hoc nature of content providers/consumers, and the
    security interests of the individual organizations.

    Historically, vendors have attempted to solve the B2B content issue via
    a centralized, replicated, or federated repository approac. The problem
    with these models was [...]

The article stirs my subconscious desire for some overarching,
utopian solution.

I have tried to express from time to time, that almost every bit
of information ebXML manages, has strategic or market value
to various parties and there is asymmetry of benefit. Couldn't
we imagine some explicit layer in the model for applying market
principles to this problem?  Markets are the classic solution for
asymmetry of benefit.

Apparently, the mechanisms of ebXML, UDDI, etc. for the controlling
of views of various information aren't sufficiently granular, or somehow,
no solution is really being provided to veil information, in order
to manage customer relationships.  So, all these portals and
dotcoms are serving the market in proprietary ways.

Or is this problem already addressed in OASIS?
e.g. http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/security-jc/


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