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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Problem of "B2B Content" article

From: Todd Boyle

> Amazingly the word vocabulary, semantics, registry etc. do
> not even appear in this article
>     [...]  Although the issue of B2B content may appear simple, it is
>     extraordinarily complex. Content in a B2B value chain is dynamic
>     extends along an almost infinite number of sources and integration
>     points. The variety of B2B content illustrates the difficulties
>     associated with even the most basic B2B value chain, and includes:
>     product merchandising (e.g., pricing, product specifications,
>     support (e.g., standard operating procedures, material and safety
>     handling, forms, manuals), purchasing (e.g., RFI/RFQ, contracts,
>     proposals), catalogs (e.g., components, suppliers, definitions,
bill of
>     materials), the ad hoc nature of content providers/consumers,

The eBTWG Business Entity Type library is attempting to
cover all of the above information.

-Bob Haugen

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