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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Problem of "B2B Content" article

At 05:12 PM 6/3/02, bhaugen wrote:

>The eBTWG Business Entity Type library is attempting to
>cover all of the above information.

Do you disagree with my suggestion that the necessity
for all those commercial service providers, supporting and facilitating
the communication and integration of the data, are caused
less by technical barriers than by the need for strategic control
over exactly who is permitted to read and integrate with
each kind of information? (the list content that composes most
transactions as well as the metadata and type systems).

I apologize if my thinking is too simplistic for the team,
but it seems to me the individual and small /med. business
has just as great a need to operate strategically in network
markets as the global corporations.  Every element of their
buying, selling, business model, terms, etc. could lead
to greater risk than benefit, if published unwisely.

If this sort of concern is out of scope for standardization then,
won't the chaos and disparate approaches continue?  Well,
I'm sure there must be some reading I have overlooked,


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