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Subject: [ebxml-dev] New WSCI spec competes with BPSS....

The new Web Service Choreography Interface spec has been developed and 
released by a consortium including Sun, BEA, Intalio, and SAP.

The spec can be found here:


According to a contact at Intalio (prime movers behind BPMI), and I quote:

> Think of wsci as an ebxml killer and the public interface to any process,
> making it reusable and exposing it where needed since that process is a
> private implementation (BPML)

Basically, it looks like WSCI is intended to supplant BPSS.  This is a bit strange, 
given Sun's participation and support of ebXML initiatives.  WSCI would be used to 
specify public processes, whereas BPML would be used to specify private (internal) 

It distresses me that the whole world of XML-dialect standards seems to be 
splintering as soon as you try to get anywhere beyond the basic specs (XML, SOAP, 
WSDL, UDDI) that the vendors have all agreed to.  Seems that vendors are still 
playing their usual games vying for proprietary lock-in higher up in the protocol 

It behooves the users/customers to loudly complain and demand standards-based, 
interoperable solutions.  We've had a taste of the benefits that such an approach 
brings to the table....let's keep pounding the vendors till they deliver on such 
promises higher in the stack as well.  This also leads me to believe that there might 
be market share gain opportunities available to software vendors that take the high 
road of global standards compliance (New Era/Sybase come to mind here).

I'ld be interested in hearing from Sun people that hang on this list as to what their 
intent is regarding ebXML standards (like BPSS) versus this new WSCI proposal.  


Chaeron Corporation

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