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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] New WSCI spec competes with BPSS....

Bob asks

> How is it an "ebxml killer"?

The contact has since clarified that to be "bpss killer"...which is still a bit strange 
given the FAQ entry on the relationship between WSCI and ebXML BPSS that you 

> Why do they want to kill ebXML?

Don't know.

> Why do you think they want to kill ebXML?

Because ebXML is a global standard that is not owned nor proprietary to any single 
vendor.  Take a look at what is happening in the Web Services world.  Sure, all the 
vendors have agreed to the core WS standards (eg. XML, SOAP, WSDL and 
possibly UDDI as well)...but higher up in the protocol stack we have all sorts of 
proprietary candidates.  For Process/Workflow/Choreography we have the W3C's 
WSCL, IBM's WSFL, Microsoft's XLANG, BPMI's BPML and now the 
Sun/BEA/Intalio/SAP consortium's WSCI along with the OASIS ebXML BPSS.  
Security includes many proposals from the likes of IBM/MS (WS-Security) versus 
SAML. And the list goes on.

The vendors are trying their darnedest to do proprietary lock in at the higher 
levels....many of these "proposed" standards come with Patent/Copyright gotchas 
that could be leveraged by various vendors into ongoing revenue streams (mind you, 
I wouldn'd mind 1 cent for each B2B/A2A transaction passed myself <grins>). We 
had a recent example of that on this list not too long ago (fortunately the public outcry 
"convinced" the vendor to do the "right thing" in that particula instance and 
circumstances). I am not very confident that this will be the case on many of these 
"new" proposals.

> Yeah, why would Sun want to kill ebXML?

Good question.....

> Hmmm. Maybe that's why they want to kill ebXML - it's not proprietary.

See above comments.
> Thanks for the alert,

de nada!


Chaeron Corporation

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