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Subject: Re: [ebxml-cppa] [ebxml-dev] New WSCI spec competes with BPSS?

At 11:35 AM 6/13/02, Karsten Riemer - Sun IR Development wrote:
I am not sure from where you got the attachments that you sent out, nor what the background is for any statements made.  On the relationship between BPSS and WSCI, however, I would encourage everyone to read the FAQ at:

    Hello Karsten -- great to hear from you!  I hadn't heard of this.  Thanks for the reference.   
    Are you actively involved?  If not, is there a front person or committee or something live (as opposed to HTTP) to which we can be directed for further info?  I didn't see any contacts on the site you provided other than OracularEMailBot@sun.com.
    Is this indeed aligned with BPMI, Intaglio's stuff and the SAP-Sun-Commerce One axis?   I may be woefully behind on my industry gossip by now.  But obviously, today, who sponsors a group, and whether they choose to run it solo, in a vendor forum or a neutral one, are of some significance -- both to users, and to official standards groups trying to do the right thing in handling IP issues.  So in triangulating this work, it would be helpful to get more data on the pedigree here.  (The web site has positioning statements about how it's better than or works with each xXML, but not about why a new one was started.)  Is there any statement about why this was done as a one-off coalition?  It looks rather like WS-I Lite, from the outside, but I am not really in a position to tell. 

Best regards  Jamie

~ James Bryce Clark
~ VP and General Counsel, McLure-Moynihan Inc.   www.mmiec.com
~ Chair, US ABA Business Law Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce  
~ www.abanet.org/buslaw/cyber/ecommerce/ecommerce.html
~ 1 818 597 9475   jamie.clark@mmiec.com   jbc@lawyer.com
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