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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] gorilla hair vs. beach balls


Some comments inline:

colin adam wrote:
> Anyway, I think we misunderstand each other. I see web services vs ebXML
> as asking this question...

I see your question as "ebXML vs programming interfaces".  I think the
misunderstanding is at your end and related to technology.

> Does a person who wants to set up a b2b exchange think about a web
> services based solution or an ebXML solution. I can see projects where
> one of the other would be more suitable. But I would certainly consider
> both in some circumstances. On the ground I think this is happening.

Again - apples and oranges..  WS is an interface to a work unit of
information processing.  There are nmo constraints on what the IP may be

> But before you get annoyed at this statement please consider how we both
> define web services. I use it as a term to refer to soap, wsdl, uddi and
> all products broadly based on those protocols also. The ws-i.org I would
> say is a "web services group" etc.. blue titan's mission critical
> network products is a "web services product"...
UDDI is a directory service which like ebXML,  could be communicated to
via a web service.  In fact, it is.  UDDI itself is not a protocol for
web services.  WSDL is a schema used to describe a web service interface
including the input parameters and return messages.  SOAP is a protocol
for communicating with another endpoint using XML over HTTP following a
simple schema.  I still don;t see what you're trying to say.

> Generally since ebXML uses standards above the core three, I see them as
> a separate entity. Connected but separate. I would call a ebxml product
> an "ebXML product", not a "web services" product. This is just my
> opinion and I believe the general community opinion.
Please do not speak for the general community.  It is your opinon.

An ebXML Product can be implemented using WS to communicate with it. 
Maybe what you really meant to ask was "WS .vs java interfaces" since
they are really two different ways to communicate with a function.  Then
you could make comparison based on several criteria:

abstracts programming language from class?
network lag?

> >From what I see there seems to be a general split in the industry
> between "web services" products (things that use the protocols above)
> and those that use ebXML. A web services product is for example an IDE
> that lets you create web services like VS .Net etc..
Let's you create a way of communicating with a piece of code.  It
doesn't constrain what that code could do.
> Or are we saying that on no basis can there ever be any competition
> between an "web services" product or and "ebxml product"...

You are comparing two different things.....

Duane Nickull

VP Strategic Relations,
Technologies Evangelist
XML Global Technologies
ebXML software downloads - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/

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