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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] gorilla hair vs. beach balls

There are some angles on the relationship between
WS and ebXML that haven't been explored yet
in this thread (or if I missed it, I'm sorry, here
it is again).

1.  In the beginning of SOAP (which is also arguably
the beginning of Web Services), there was an argument
between the SOAP-as-RPC gang and a group of people
from ebXML who advocated also supporting business-
oriented messaging.  

In the early days, the RPC gang won.   Now, however,
I think there is a trend away from RPC and toward
message-oriented Web Services.  

Interestingly, this trend coincided with ebXML's adoption
of SOAP.  I suspect that was a two-way street - and do
not contend that ebXML caused SOAP to change
emphasis.  But the point remains, the emphasis *did*
change to much more of the way ebXML uses SOAP.

2.  For message-oriented Web Services, ebXML 
can provide a lot of added value.  I quote some of
the business requirements from JJ Dubray:
"non-repudiation, legally binding, confidentiality, 
security, tamperproof,..."

3. Business dealings also require transactions
and orchestration of long conversations, both
provided in a standard and non-proprietary way
by ebXML BPSS.

BPSS is working with ebXML CPPA to deliver
a WSDL binding.  

In other words, everything in ebXML does now or will 
soon play nicely with, and add business value to, 
message-oriented Web Services.

JJ, what did I miss?

-Bob Haugen
Proud to be an ebXML contributor

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