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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Gartner and ebXML

Todd Boyle wrote:

> Well, first of all, I wouldn't give you two cents for Gartner's opinions about
> ebXML.   What do they know?  Where is their business process guy, on the
> newsgroups?  Is this some uber-guru who reads all, knows all, attends
> the meetings incognito?   Then, sells their knowledge instead of sharing
> it on the lists?   sheesh.
Todd,  you know I usually agree with you but in this case,  I have to
put the record straight.  The guy from Gartner is named Jess Thompson
and surprisingly,  he is in your back yard (Seattle).  He was gracious
enough to set aside time to do an analyst briefing with me and has a
rather extensive knowledge of ebXML.  He quite correctly also sees a few
of the current shortfalls of ebXML and is aware of their pending

To be fair,  Gartner has cast a fairly neutral shadow on ebXML and
prefers to let ebXML proof itself.  I find this rather nice compared to
other, less knowledgable analysts who have recently downplayed ebXML's

Gartner is one of the good guys.  Let's try to not burn this bridge.

Duane Nickull

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