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Subject: [ebxml-dev] storing metadata

                                Dear list members.

    I have a couple of questions to our society -

    I can hardly formulate them as follows - 

    1. Whether exists any implementation of transformation or mapping (perhaps CWM one) of data among different types of datasources (Object, Relational, Recordset, XML)?

    2. What is the most acceptable format for storing metadata of different datasource types (Object, Relational, Recordset, XML)? Actually how can one organize various table names, column names, data types, object names, XML schema, etc. to store it in one place? Are there any  successful practices for such aggregation?


  P bI K O B  B. B.  MOCKBA

 Vladimir Rykov, PhD in Computational Linguistics,
 Engl. http://www.blkbox.com/~gigawatt/rykov.html
 Tel +7-903-749-19-99

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