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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] storing metadata

PbIKOB__B.B. wrote:

>    I have a couple of questions to our society -
>    1. Whether exists any implementation of transformation or mapping (perhaps CWM one) of data among different types of datasources (Object, Relational, Recordset, XML)?
Proprietary implementations in form of products and open source projects 
exist. I have used Castor XML to transform between objects and XML and 
liked it. Castor DB transforms between Relational Database tables and 
objects. Standard Java APIs such JAXB [1] and JDO [2] are available. 
Numerous products exists.

In ebXML standards the closet thing would be an ebXMl Registry which 

-publish/discovery of arbitrary content

-validation and cataloging or arbitrary content (V3 only)

-Ad hoc query using SQL 92 and XML filter query to discover arbitrary 

-Arbitrary association of arbitrary content

-Classification of arbitrary content

-Content based event notification (V3 only)

-Cooperating registries and registry federations (V3 only)

>    2. What is the most acceptable format for storing metadata of different datasource types (Object, Relational, Recordset, XML)? Actually how can one organize various table names, column names, data types, object names, XML schema, etc. to store it in one place? Are there any  successful practices for such aggregation?
ebXML Registry is ebXML's solution to storing of arbitrary heterogeneous 
content with strong metadata support.


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