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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] End to End ebXML implementation....

Gene asks:

> It would be nice to hear .. how many partners you are working with ..

Partners included:

   Vision, Strategy & Architecture
   Partner/Product Selection
   Project Management & Team formation
   ebXML adoption/deployment strategy and recommendations
   Web Services adoption/deployment strategy and recommendations

New Era of Networks (Sybase) software:
   BPSS Visual Modelling Tool 
   BPM Engine 
   MSH Implementation 

   Open Source Registry/Repository - ebxmlrr

   Web Services & J2EE Platform 


> what
> modeling types your are building .. and what transactions.. if any ... you
> are executing to resolution.

The goals of this implementation included:

   - Prove feasibility of end to end ebXML Implementation
   - Clarify benefits from such an approach
   - Provide “go forward” strategy and reference implementation
   - Promote knowledge & adoption of ebXML

The business processes were modelled visually using a UML-derivative, and 
then the executable BPSS definition was generated automatically.  

The scenario that we implemented was that of Used Vehicle Sales (eg. off-
lease, employee returns, etc.) for a large Auto OEM.  This scenario, and 
related transactions (inventory availability search, quotes, purchases, credit 
checks, confirmations, etc.) was selected since it would have the greated 
"understandability" throughout the organization.  Supply Chain was 
considered...but the terminology and problems in automating supply chain can 
be rather specialized and not "ring" with the general user population.

Hope this helps.....

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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