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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Microsoft Refuses to support ebXML

Fraser Goffin wrote:
> Have you had any dealing with IBM that would suggest otherwise ?

I should also point out that like Microsoft, IBM does offer XML Global's
ebXML products as third party offerings direct from their website:


Like most successful companies, if customers want it, they will sell it
to them and make money.  

I think the real key questions is: "What will be the business driver be
to adopt ebXML?"  

Having read "Crossing the Chasm", I firmly believe that there must be a
very powerful driver to get companies to adopt [ebXML | WSDL |
RosettaNet | other].  This discontinuous innovation is usually driven by
a pain that is only solved via the new technology.  So far, there is not
a critical mass adopting any new B2B standards.  I view this as a child
of the fact that the new B2B infrastructures offer things that are "nice
to have" and not "you will go out of business if you don't have".  The
fact is that people do business electronically today and can survive
without things like ebXML, although ebXML and others clearly can
demonstrate a lower cost.  

By comparison, it seems there is an evolving pain in the intelligence
community for sharing data.  This does seem to be falling under the
scope of "you will go out of busines if you don't have this" due to the
tragic events of 9/11.  Maybe ebXML methodologies can be adopted for use
by this community?  It would certainly make sense. 


Duane Nickull
VP Strategic Relations,
Technologies Evangelist
XML Global Technologies
ebXML software downloads - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/

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