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[ebxml-dev] RE: UBL versus OAGI BODs?


Thanks for your detailed response.  As I had suspected, the UBL and OAGIS 
do overlap a fair bit from a business document perspective, and would do
even more if UBL had more than 7 documents.  I am very familiar with what 
OAGIS provides, but your comments about how that compares to the UBL 
effort is very illuminating.

In my usual "blunt" style (right Martin? <grins>) this poses a few obvious


Why have the UBL folks run off on a separate but duplicate effort, when 
OAGIS already is so far ahead, and has production-proven deliverables? Why

didn't UBL support OAGIS progress to date, and focus their efforts on 
improving the quality and quantity of OAGIS BODs?

This sounds like unnecessary duplication and, frankly, a total waste of
on the part of UBL that might have been better focused elsewhere.  Yet 
another competing standard for business documents, flying in the face of a

defacto, established standard (OAGIS BODs)?  Why bother?

Or is this just another manifestation of the petty politics that seem so
in the standards setting processes and organizations that are working on
and Web Services initiatives?  "Bah Humbug", I say, if that is the case!

If someone with more familiarity with the UBL charter, process and
cares to answer these questions, I'm all ears!  Otherwise, it looks like
UBL is 
not worth any attention (at this time) from those of us trying to solve
real world 
B2B problems.

......Andrzej (feeling blunt today.....can you tell?  ;-)  )

> As for the amount of overlap between OAGIS and UBL...yes, as you state
> your message below OAGIS has equivalent messages to what UBL proposes
> plus more...
>   a.. OAGIS recently released a new release to public feedback, and the
> current release is available for implementations:
>     a.. OAGIS 8.1 Beta recently release for public review includes 430
>     BODs, b.. OAGIS 8.0 that is implemented today includes 200 BODs.
>   b.. If I am not mistaken, UBL has 7 messages available for public
> UBL's documentation says this scenario supports in their words  (see
> section 5.1 of the draft documentation) " a basic, usable trading cycle
> from Order to Invoice between Buyer and Seller". It does not support,
> again in their words
>   a.. any sub-line facilities, because this is an area of diversity for
> which more industry-specific knowledge and input into creating a
> business scenario is required.
>   b.. sophisticated packaging within packaging, which is seen as a
>   different
> business scenario, and for which more business context-specific
> and input is required.
> OAGIS has a rich library of components based on a much larger set of
> messages that have been developed and tuned based on feedback from
> implementations over the last many years. Our component library is quite
> comprehensive because it has developed over the years with support for
> many scenarios and messages. Including those above that UBL says they do
> not support. We have mulitple scenarios for usage of each message, and
> content of each message reflects the breadth and scope of our scenarios.
> Also, we work with vertical industries to come up with new messages/
> tune our messages based on new scenarios provided by our user base.
> As for the use of CoreComponents, OAGIS 8.1 Beta which is also available
> for public review from the www.openapplications.org site, includes full
> support for CCTS 1.90.
> I hope this helps to specifically answer your questions.
> Thanks,
> Michael Rowell
> Open Applications Group

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