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Subject: [ebxml-dev] AssemblyDOc Clarifications

Hi all:


I have joined newly to the newsgroup.


I have a few clarifications on AssemblyDOc.


How to write ‘businesscontext’ rules and ‘data validation’ rules for the below constraints?… the context rules are from Rosettanet


Context: 3B18 – Notify of Shipment Documentation


  1. One instance of ‘GlobalShippingDocumentCode’ is specified for each document that is required to accompany the shipment.
  2. ‘Order Number’:
    1. where Order Number is a unique identification number for this shipping order, typically corresponding to a pick slip number or a delivery note number.
  3. ‘Document Reference’:
    1. Constraint: Each document referenced in a ‘RequestingOrderLineItemReference’ block must be one of the documents first referenced in the ‘RequestingOrderInformation’ block.
  4. IsOrderTobeMerged’:
    1. If any of the requesting orders specifies "Yes" for ‘isOrderToBeMerged’, the entire order is to be merged into a single delivery. There may be multiple shipping orders resulting from a single requesting order. They may have different origin locations, but they always have a single destination. Each shipping order must be received by the Shipping Provider prior to the specified shipping date, and they must all specify the same values for ‘isOrderToBeMerged’.
  5. PhysicalAddress’:
    1. Constraint: At least one occurrence of addressLine1, addressLine2, addressLine3, cityName, GlobalCountryCode, NationalPostalCode, postOfficeBoxIdentifier or regionName is mandatory.
  6. RoutingInformation’:
    1. Constraint: A shipVia PartnerDescription must not be specified for the last leg, since this would be the same as the final destination specified in the shipTo PartnerDescription.
  7. PhysicalLocation:
    1. Constraint At least one occurrence of GlobalLocationIdentifier, PartnerLocationIdentification or PhysicalAddress is mandatory. Multiple instances of PartnerLocationIdentification can be provided.



Thanks in Advance


Keshav Prasad

Director – e-business Solutions

Inkroma Solutions

APT Interactive Pvt Ltd





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