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[ebxml-dev] ebXML tutorials in Scandinavia and the Netherlands

ebXML: Service Oriented architectures for e-business integration

Helsinki, September 15, 2003, Marina Congress Center
Stockholm, September 16, 2003, Berns Hotel
Oslo, September 17, 2003, Rainbow Hotel Arena Lillestrm
Copenhagen, September 18, 2003, Bella Center
Amsterdam October 8, 2003, Radisson SAS Hotel Amsterdam Airport 


The ebXML framework offers a coherent, modular, service-oriented
architecture for secure and reliable electronic business integration.
It consists of a series of specifications, developed within OASIS and
UN/CEFACT, that can be used independently and many of which are
very mature after years of development and implementation by users
and vendors. About half the tutorial will be dedicated to an
overview of the ebXML framework and will be somewhat technical.
The other half will look at industry adoption and real-life case
studies and should be accessible to a broad audience interested in
e-business integration.  

Special attention will be given to some exciting local initiatives 
and projects in the countries where the tutorial takes place, some 
of which are quite recent and not yet generally known.  
Special thanks to those who responded to an earlier query on the 
ebXML Dev mailing list for providing information on these projects.  

OASIS members are entitled to a discount on registration. 

For more information and registration, go to

Pim van der Eijk

OASIS European Representative
Mobile/SMS/MMS: +31 6 22502011                
Fax/voice mail: +31 35 7727627

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