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Re: ebXML: Will it Gain Traction in the US?

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Last evening I attended a technology session (Semantic Web) here in the
>Washington D.C. area, and the discussion drifted briefly toward adoption
>of ebXML worldwide. Several attendees expressed sentiments that it
>appears that ebXML (as a whole) is gaining a lot of traction in Europe
>and Asia, but not here in the US (please note: I am not expressing my
>view, but rather the view of the attendees). One attendee noted the
>following 3 recent articles on ebXML Forum:
>- "Report recommends adoption of ebXML for European public
>administration networks"
>- "Two new ebXML applications unveiled in Hong Kong"
>- "ebXML gains traction in Japan"
>My questions are:
>(1) Is this observation valid?
It is true that ebXML is seeing significant adoption in Europe and Asia. 
This includes adoption in companies large and small, vertical industries 
as well as entire governments.

It is also true that ebXML adoption in US is not as strong as Europe and 

However, ebXML adoption in US is not to shabby is one may think. GM 
(automotive), Sabre (travel), HL7 (healthcare standard), RosettaNet 
(supplychain), CDC (US Gov.) and many others are adopting ebXML.

>(2) If so, what is the projected future direction of ebXML adoption here
>in the US? Will it increase, decrease, or remain the same?
It will increase significantly. And it will happen long before the 
metric system is adopted ;-)

>(3) If we were to consider the various "components" of ebXML (business
>processes, registry, collaboration, etc.) rather than ebXML as a
>framework, do any components in particular look more promising than
>others for adoption here in the US?
ebXML specs are designed to work stand-alone but work even better as a 
cohesive stack. The strongest adoption I have seen is for ebXML 
Messaging and ebXML Registry so far.


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