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Re: ebXML: Will it Gain Traction in the US?

>> My questions are:
>> (1) Is this observation valid? 
I have to agree with David (yes and no).  Yellow Dragon Software is 
working on around 12 engagements with ebXMLK components in North 
America.  We are not at liberty to discuss all of them however one is a 
full blown implementation of the Core Components Methodology within a 
Registry using the BCF (and UMM).  We are harmonizing the CCTS, ebXML 
RIM, ISO TC 154 and 11179 data element models as well as taking others 
into account.  If you deem ebXML implementatiuons to include all the 
components however, I would have to say no.  BPSS execution is lacking. 
 I think that will be better in 12-18 months.

We also have no less than 15 or so others evaluating our Registry and 
messaging products and another 20 in the pipeline in early stages. 
 Sufficient to say that there is enough ebXML work to support many

> It is true that ebXML is seeing significant adoption in Europe and 
> Asia. This includes adoption in companies large and small, vertical 
> industries as well as entire governments. 

Yes.  Again - Yellow Dragon is heavily involved in some of these.

> It is also true that ebXML adoption in US is not as strong as Europe 
> and Asia. 

Hard to say.  I can't judge the depth of implementation of "ebXML" but 
can say that certain components, most notably registry, messaging and 
CPA, are getting some very real traction.  Once we are able to publish 
our work with CCTS, we expect to share that information and believe it 
will make it easier for others to follow suite.

One barrier to adoption of the entire stack is a lack of API definition 
between components.  For a business process to be able to be executed, 
it must talk to CPA's, messaging and some form of payload processing. 
 Getting that nailed down is crucial.  Other bits like the CAM type 
methodology is also important, regardless of whether it is manual of 

Using this list to share "best practices" will also get us further up 
the stack.


> However, ebXML adoption in US is not to shabby is one may think. GM 
> (automotive), Sabre (travel), HL7 (healthcare standard), RosettaNet 
> (supplychain), CDC (US Gov.) and many others are adopting ebXML.
>> (2) If so, what is the projected future direction of ebXML adoption
>> in the US? Will it increase, decrease, or remain the same?
> It will increase significantly. And it will happen long before the 
> metric system is adopted ;-)
>> (3) If we were to consider the various "components" of ebXML (business
>> processes, registry, collaboration, etc.) rather than ebXML as a
>> framework, do any components in particular look more promising than
>> others for adoption here in the US?
> ebXML specs are designed to work stand-alone but work even better as a 
> cohesive stack. The strongest adoption I have seen is for ebXML 
> Messaging and ebXML Registry so far.

Yellow Dragon Software - http://www.yellowdragonsoft.com
Web Services & ebXML Messaging / Registry Downloads
UN/CEFACT eBusiness Architecture/ ebXMl Technical Architecture 
Phone:   +1 (604) 738-1051 - Canada: Pacific Standard Time
Direct:  +1 (604) 726-3329 

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