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Re: ebXML: Will it Gain Traction in the US?

Dear Joseph,

   Yes, the observation is valid. ebXML is really having a lot of 
interest here in Europe.
   I am in France, frequently travelling in whole Europe, and I can 
really feel this.


IT Senior Consultant.

farrukh.najmi@sun.com wrote:

> Chiusano Joseph wrote:
>> Last evening I attended a technology session (Semantic Web) here in the
>> Washington D.C. area, and the discussion drifted briefly toward
>> of ebXML worldwide. Several attendees expressed sentiments that it
>> appears that ebXML (as a whole) is gaining a lot of traction in Europe
>> and Asia, but not here in the US (please note: I am not expressing my
>> view, but rather the view of the attendees). One attendee noted the
>> following 3 recent articles on ebXML Forum:
>> - "Report recommends adoption of ebXML for European public
>> administration networks"
>> - "Two new ebXML applications unveiled in Hong Kong"
>> - "ebXML gains traction in Japan"
>> My questions are:
>> (1) Is this observation valid?
> It is true that ebXML is seeing significant adoption in Europe and 
> Asia. This includes adoption in companies large and small, vertical 
> industries as well as entire governments.
> It is also true that ebXML adoption in US is not as strong as Europe 
> and Asia.
> However, ebXML adoption in US is not to shabby is one may think. GM 
> (automotive), Sabre (travel), HL7 (healthcare standard), RosettaNet 
> (supplychain), CDC (US Gov.) and many others are adopting ebXML.
>> (2) If so, what is the projected future direction of ebXML adoption
>> in the US? Will it increase, decrease, or remain the same?
> It will increase significantly. And it will happen long before the 
> metric system is adopted ;-)
>> (3) If we were to consider the various "components" of ebXML (business
>> processes, registry, collaboration, etc.) rather than ebXML as a
>> framework, do any components in particular look more promising than
>> others for adoption here in the US?
> ebXML specs are designed to work stand-alone but work even better as a 
> cohesive stack. The strongest adoption I have seen is for ebXML 
> Messaging and ebXML Registry so far.

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