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Re: [Ebxmlrr-tech] ebxml implementation

Hi ShodZ

Also being a student in the area of ebXML I spent quite some time
reading the various ebXML specifications. Reading a specification (the
ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement Specification for
example) once was not enough and I had to read it again and again as
there is sooo much information in such a specification...

Once I got a grasp of ebXML I was looking for some example code to learn
from that and maybe setup a sample scenario. Unfortunately, I could not
"just" download some applications and give it a test. Actually there are
some commercial applications where you can get a "trial" version and
have a look at it.

Luckily, depending on what you are after, there are a couple of open
source applications, which you can download, install and even study the
code. To be honest, I still havent done that but once I finish with my
studies I will check them out.

I ended up writing my own little ebXML bits and pieces (in particular in
the ebXML CPA formation process) ...

Have a look here for some open source projects:

http://www.freebxml.org (first class ebXML open source implementation
such as Hermes, an ebXML Messaging System, ebMail, like Hermes but based
on SMTP and a cool ebXML Message Mail client, and the ebMXL
http://www.openebxml.org (haven't checked in a while, not sure if they
have executable code or more models and the like)
http://www.sourceforge.net (search for ebXML, some in alpha/pre-alpha
http://www.schlegel.li/ebXML (my project CPA formation bits and pieces
under GPL)

Have a look here for some commercial and open source applications:


Good luck.


> >hi
> >i`m a under graduate student trying to study and implemnt ebxml in a 
> >small way. i have major problems in understanding how the CPA will be 
> >used at run time to configure the business service interface. 
> >
> To get a more authoritative answer, this would be best asked on the 
> ebxml-dev mailing list (I am copying it there).
> You can join from http://www.ebxml.org and participate in this thread 
> further.
> What follows is my own understanding...
> Think of CPA as a souped-up configuration file, the format of which is 
> standardized. ebXML Messaging services use this configuration to manage 
> the ebXML Messaging communication with partners' ebXML Messaging service.
> The business service interface (BSI) is more a concept and is not 
> defined by an ebXML Specification. Conceptually it is a traffic cop 
> layer that sits above the ebXML Messaging layer and makes sure that 
> message exchanges are according the Business Process referenced within 
> the CPA.
> >i 
> >understand that u are working only on  the registry/repository 
> >specifications but neverthless i thought someone here might be of great 
> >help. 
> >
> Indeed we at ebxmlrr are focused entirely on ebXML Registry. We have a 
> feature complete imploementation of version
> 2.1 specs . We are currently working fst and furious on version 3.0 
> support.
> >i am also aware that there is a proof of concept team who is 
> >regularly demonstrating the applicability of the ebxml concepts, but 
> >i`m unable to find some code or documentation as to how it was really 
> >done.
> >  
> >
> The proof-of-concept (POC) team disbanded in Feb 2001 ebXML Vancouver 
> meeting and was replaced by the ebXML IIC team:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=ebxml-iic
> This change reflects the maturity of ebXML where we have evoilved from 
> POC type implementations to actual product and open source 
> implementations which are conforming to common interop tests to make 
> sure that they conform to the ebXML standards.
> Please contact Jacques Durand <JDurand@fs.fujitsu.com> who chairs of 
> that TC if needed.
> Best of luck in your research projects around ebXML. If you decide your 
> work is in the registry area please contact me and I can make some 
> suggestions for reserach topics.
Sacha                                   Schlegel
4 Warwick Str, 6102 St. James, Perth,  Australia
sacha@schlegel.li                www.schlegel.li
public key:            www.schlegel.li/sacha.gpg

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