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Re: [regrep] Did ebXML Help Accelerate the Web Services Evolution?

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>I'm in a bit of a "controversial" (tongue-in-cheek) mood today, so I
>thought I'd through this out and see what comes back. My thoughts are
>spurred by a book on that I am currently reading. Please note as you
>read this that I am in a position in which I am vendor neutral.
>3 years ago, when the first phase of ebXML was getting ready to wind
>down, I was a mere observer on various listservs, so I don't have the
>perspective of someone who was in the throws of things. However, I've
>been thinking: Did ebXML Help Accelerate the Web Services Evolution?
>More specifically: I understand that there was a "schism" of sorts at
>one point (exactly when I am not sure) in which several major vendors
>pulled out of ebXML. These vendors happen to be those that are
>considered to be the driving forces behind Web Services (by this I mean
>the "SOAP/WSDL/UDDI"). Web Services. 
>I wonder - if this "schism" did not take place (assuming that it indeed
>did), would Web Services have taken off as quickly as they did? Did this
>"schism" give more motivation to these vendors to evolve the "base" Web
>Services standards as quickly as they were evolved? What if these
>vendors had not pulled out of ebXML? What would the landscape look like
>Thoughts? Comments?
I think the "schism" hurt web services by creating FUD  (Fear, 
Uncertainty, Doubt).
Many companies were/are waiting to see which way the wind blows before 
deep investments.

On a personal note, the "schism" only made me all the more determined
to help the grass roots efforts to make ebXML achieve wide scale 
adoption ;-)


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