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Regarding SME's and support

i am studying for my Master of Philosophy (MPhil), i dont care what the
players are doing, there is always room for the little fish in a big pond.
for my degree i am building all four components of the ebXML framework.
check my not-for-profit website at the following URL:

if you think the big players are taking over, you should see my country
zealand).  noone knows what ebXML is able to do.  so i came along, and
thought i would fix that.  i have been studying ebXML for at least 14
months, on and off.  it was not until november last year that it all
"clicked" into place.  now, it seems very easy to build.  but i better not
count my chickens before they hatch.

those specifications put out by OASIS on ebXML are damned hard to
understand.  my background is ERP, SCM.

check the site out, its been up 2 months, and today is the day i started,
although my degree starts july 4th, i thought i had better get moving.  i
already have some juicy ideas that i dont want to share, but with care and
application, ebXML is very do-able.

i find it an exciting rather than difficult proposition, dont get me
it is challenging, and i am playing with words.  i intend selling the
and MSH shrink-wrapped.  i will establish some Registries here in new
zealand, perhaps demarcated by industry, meaning distributed processing
need to be supported.

also, i got most of the tools to build this thing at rock bottom prices,
not cost me more than US $2000.00.  the security engine is based on the
utlisation of a library available for free download called "cryptlib".
awesome tool.  Visual Studio 2003.NET cost US $100.00, and the specs are

anyhow, to the big players, "Wait till you get a load of me !".

dean hemopo

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