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hey whilst we are all asking for things

hello all,

i have just started digging into a big helping of UBL.  all good so far.
became apparent that there is a great source of CCTS (Core Component
Technical Specification:  see ebXML), i should say Core Component, stuff
here.  i am yet to gather appropriate material for the "Data-Dictionary",
and think some good sources are in UBL.   but i want/NEED more of the
qualifiers, representation term, root terms,  and alike.  yes i have the
EDIFACT dictionairies, do i have to chop that up?  is there another source
of rudimentary business vocabulary.

will UBL be sufficient for a prototype.

another question is, i was perving through UBL, looking at the
for just such data, and noticed that some elements had an underscore
( "_").  what does that mean.

also, i had the answer but cant find the source any more, when you have a
qualifier->root term qualifier->root term, relationship (like customer.
account. number), i notice they have the term name, followed immediately
a period, a space and then the next term, period, and so on.  now i know
that is the presecribed depiction, what is the source for that
specification. (ISO-11179 ?:)

and if i have not asked for enough  for one session, whats with that gap
before a period, do we have to parse this "space" char and stuff out of
model, depending on your processing requirements (as per application) to
deal with it.  what did he just ask?

ok, i have "customer. account. number", now that is meaningful to others
know the spec, and how to use it.  but besdides its semantic meaning, it
useless like that.  so i chop it up, parse it, extract out
customeraccountnumber, and see if i have that in my repository.  well i
know about you, but thats what i am thinking of doing, or should i leave
like that and look for exact matches on the original space delimited
"customer. account. number".  whats with the "space" charactor between it
all anyhow?  just convention ?

thanks for your answers in advance.

dean hemopo
auckland, new zealand

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