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RE: [Fwd: Re: [xml-dev] Edi complexity, does ebxml really reduce it?]

Joe, et al:

You see this debate on the EDI lists, where the question is framed as
comparing one transaction to another. But take a step back and look at the
integration of data from trading partners using different technologies --
often acknowledged as the most difficult step in implementing e-business
-- and ebXML stands out.  See for example ...

ebXML gets behind the wheel for North American auto dealers. 

ebXML powers Korean banking/insurance consortium.

BizDex: ebXML and Web services to go the last mile. 

Of course, if you're a hub company and can demand all suppliers use the
same formats and networks, you don't have to worry about this stuff. For
the rest of the business world, however, its an important concern.

Alan Kotok
Editor, ebXML Forum, http://www.ebxmlforum.org/

"Chiusano Joseph" <chiusano_joseph@bah.com> wrote:

>FYI - question about ebXML and EDI on the XML-DEV listserv. Forwarding
>here for opportunities for correction, expression of differing opinion,
>Original question is at:
>Kind Regards,
>Joe Chiusano
>Booz | Allen | Hamilton
>Strategy and Technology Consultants to the World
>-------- Original Message --------
>Subject: Re: [xml-dev] Edi complexity, does ebxml really reduce it?
>Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 10:02:28 -0400
>From: "Chiusano Joseph" <chiusano_joseph@bah.com>
>Organization: Booz Allen Hamilton
>To: Michael Kay <michael.h.kay@ntlworld.com>
>CC: bry@itnisk.com, xml-dev@lists.xml.org
>References: <20040713133910.HWGG8666.mta02-svc.ntlworld.com@Turtle>
>You're right Mike. I'll reproduce the questions below and answer them
>>  Whenever one examines one of the ebxml specs or reads an article on
the subject
>>  there is likely to be a reference to how edi had problems with being
>> because it was too complex, but luckily ebxml, being based on xml,
solves all
>> this
>Not completely, but it can make usage of EDI easier (please read on).
>> A very suspect class of assertion it seems like to me. I'm wondering if
>> anyone who has familiarity with these technologies can clarify exactly
how and
>> in what ways ebxml reduces the complexity of edi.
>In general, ebXML is "payload agnostic" - so the payload can be XML,
>EDI, binary files, etc. So the degree to which it reduces the complexity
>of EDI depends on how much of an improvement the "ebXML approach" and
>tools might be over those for EDI (a subjective judgment, IMO). There is
>also a great lack (IMO) of ebXML tools/products available, and still a
>good amount of EDI tools/products - so that factors in. There is also
>the factor of product price, which would require a detailed comparison
>that I have not done (and I am not aware of anythat exists).
>> Basically my understanding is that ebxml just wrapped the edi model in
xml, so I
>> have a hard time seeing how it could be simpler.
>> Also am wondering about CPAs in Ebxml, it strikes me that this process
>> actually be somewhat onerous, does anyone know of any case studies etc.
>> problems with making CPAs between two companies?
>CPAs in general represent the system features that are agreed upon -
>electronically or non - by two trading partners. CPAs include various
>paramters/settings (pick favorite word) that relate to security,
>messaging, business process specification, etc. Whether the process is
>onerous or not comes down (mostly) to the tools that are available, and
>how easily they automate the process.
>Hope that helps.
>Kind Regards,
>Joe Chiusano
>Booz | Allen | Hamilton
>Strategy and Technology Consultants to the World
>Michael Kay wrote:
>> > These excellent questions are probably best asked on the
>> > ebXML-dev list.
>> Only if you want an answer from the kind of person who lives on that
>> If you want answers from the people who have given up on ebxml because
>> found it too complex, asking here might be better.
>> Michael Kay
>Kind Regards,
>Joseph Chiusano
>Booz | Allen | Hamilton
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