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ebxml and uddi


Going through the enormous amounts of documentation on these technologies
there is often discussion of them as being complementary, does anyone have
any case studies of real world implementation that show them actually
complementing each other (I've seen the notes on finding ebxml services
uddi etc.)

Also it seems that ebXML can do everything that UDDI can and more (except
a lot easier to implement than ebXML), is this the case? Is this just an
accidental effect of trying to provide for all business processes? I'm
asking because it was requested that I do some checking on the possible
future  feasibility of moving our UDDI repository to an ebXML one, from my
viewpoint and tastes this does not seem to be a worthwhile thing to do (I
would almost always rather use the smaller technology designed for a
specific domain, rather than the more general that accidentally covers the
domain). It seems more reasonable to build an ebXML repository for
particular business processes and have those findable via UDDI. 

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